Sunday, 16 June 2013

You look like '66 Batman

*Ok, I'm about a week behind with my blog posts... This was a week ago... oh well!*
Prom season is most definitely underway, with top stores accommodating their own ranges of  dresses and girls everywhere suddenly claiming expertise in the fields of hair and makeup. Admittedly, the swell of prom shenanigans has died down a little, with most people in my Sixth Form having already purchased their outfits. I may have left it a bit late. You might remember a delicate Zara dress I tried on weeks ago... That never got purchased. Since then, I seem to have undergone a change of mind; a full length ball gown now seems somewhat unfulfilling. I want more. I want extravagance -  but without the weight of a Katie Price wedding number. I want high fashion - but without the costly investment of a Jason Wu dress. I want to wow without being predictable or try-hard. Safe to say I might be demanding too much. I think my most annoying characteristic is my inability to be anything other than spontaneous and difficult.
In an attempt to find a prom outfit to counter my demanding requirements, I dragged my mother shopping with me. Ok, I'm sounding like a brat now. Ok, I didn't drag her ... I politely asked. Anyway, I did actually find the perfect outfit! It was everything I wanted and more! But, obviously there had to be a catch. Yup. Sizing. Obviously they don't stock my size, and the size up drowned me. Obviously. 
I don't want to tell you guys details of the outfit just yet (in case I find a similar one in my size). Let's just say, think Janelle Monae.
Anyway, here's what I wore on the shopping trip:
Headband: H&M
Jumper: Vintage Store
Shirt: H&M (men's ... ok boy's)
Shorts: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Camden Market
Bag: Camden Market
87.9% of my wardrobe is from H&M
I thought I'd go for the whole monochrome look again, but with a pop of colour. I was inspired by the Lichenstein (comic book) prints fronting shop windows, so decided on vivid colours. Think less Dark Knight and more 60s spandex.


Hehe I look even shorter than usual.
Those of you who are attending/have attended a prom this year, did you encounter any difficulties? What type of looks did you settle on?
Quick update: You may have noticed I've swapped my old background for this new brick wall design. I hope you like it!
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  1. Love your outfit!
    Your jumper is super cool.
    And I love your check trousers.


    1. Thank you:)They are so old, but I still love them aha

  2. thats a really nice outfit! love the glasses.
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC?
    let me know! :-)
    - Janine

  3. Hi gurl u look great! U have a personal style and that's great! Of course we can follow each other, I'll do it on GFC and Blog Lovin, please follow me back in both!

    xoxo dear


  4. i love your glasses - they are so cute! I wish i could do my prom over again - looking back i hated my dress and how i had my hair! not good!

    bec X

  5. You look gorgeous! I love the leggings xo

  6. This sweater is so cool and really like it.

  7. cool and cute outfit! you look incredible!

    Click me for my BLOG!

  8. This is pretty rad! I love the tights and nerdy sweater. I have absolutely nothing from H&M. Nothing! *cries* I wish there was one near me. *sigh*

    - Anna


    1. Thanks! Ah, that sucks! However, all your clothes are still amazing, so you clearly don't need one! x

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  10. cute outfit, I really like those leggings and I laughed at the caption it's okay to get a few things from the boys section, I know I do and I remember at my prom I did poor time management, I made it their on time but had to take before pictures very quickly, so just watch how much time you take getting ready besides that enjoy yourself!
    The Eye

    1. Thanks aha - being small has its perks! Oh dear - hopefully I'll be alright:) I'll be meeting with friends beforehand, so it should be fine:) Thanks x

  11. Ahh, I love that sweater! It's so freakin' awesome, girl! ^^
    I followed ya' on GFC and Bloglovin- you have a very nice blog :))