Thursday, 13 June 2013

Broom Broom Buy Buy

Hi, dear readers.
As my summer starts early, I've decided to make the most of the opportunity by being as productive as possible. This involves pestering my parents and friends  (or frankly anybody that will accompany me) to come on adventures. My summer adventures.
Last Saturday's adventure included a day trip to Silverston circuit where we watched a series of qualifying rounds and races. It was refreshing to head to a destination other than a shopping centre or a cinema, and I would recommend it as a family day out. 
Now, I'm hardly a grease-monkey, but I must admit I get watery-mouthed at the mere mention of certain automobiles. MG Midgets, old Triumph bikes, Chevy Cameros. More like automobabes. That's right, I fangirl over much more than just Topshop cutout boots. To my delight, there was a beautiful range of cars racing, such as Citroen 2CV6s, retro Minis and of course a rainbow of MGs. I have already vowed to own an MG Midget one day. Broom broom.

After admiring the drifts and skids of the racing drivers, we drove through Towcester where we visited the most beautiful shop. It was a celestial palace of vintage miscellaneous. I will definitely be returning with a suitcase of money and hired van. Buy buy buy. Kooky havens like this make it so easy to slip into the hoarding lifestyle. Buy buy buy.

Isn't it beautiful? I'd really like to return to buy a working typewriter and polaroid camera.
So, vintage lives on.



  1. Ah, I haven't been to a racetrack in so long! The bf and I have already penned a long list of cars we wish to own - a mini being one of them. Hope you make a post and show off your dream car once that day comes! Love this post!

    Wardrobe on Wheels

    1. Ah, got to love an old school mini! Hopefully I will - it will be years away though:) Thank you! x

  2. I think it's awesome that you're into cars. I'm not exactly a petrol head, but I know and understand that mental salivation over certain models. ;) I watch a lot of BBC Top Gear, too. <3 :D

    Hey, thanks so much for the rad comment on my blog! You're so sweet! Come back and visit any time! I took a look around your blog and I'm stunned. Our styles are very similar. I'll be leaving some comments shortly. Hehe. Definitely following you on Bloglovin! <3


    - Anna


    1. P.S. - I have a vintage cars/top gear board on Pinterest if you want to follow it: http://pinterest.com/annab34r/vintage-cars-top-gear/

    2. Ah, that's awesome! I thought the same about our styles aha. Thanks for checking out my little blog (I fangirled a bit) xx

  3. This looks like so much fun :)

  4. haha i loved what you said about the suitcase of money, i pictured you in my mind as a misterious person walking on the night buying lots of stuff n getting into the van

    Love ♥ TSG


    1. Ahaa well I do love a good vintage haul! xx

  5. Love your photos Dear!! As always, it seem really a nice time!