Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Oh, the Summer Ball!

Hi guys! I'm finally posting about one of the most anticipated evenings of the year: prom! This was my second and final prom, and it turned out to be more of a gallant ball than I had expected. It was wonderful; honestly, a perfect evening.
To me, prom is one occasion that permits people to dress as flamboyantly as they desire. I took full advantage of this. Obviously. I had a little something up my sleeve, ready to be released at prom... my newly coloured hair!!! Also, those of you who have experienced prom will know that there is always one girl that doesn't wear a dress. That girl was me. Here are some pictures and details of my prom look:


Flower Crown: H&M
Jacket: Zara
Heels: New Look
Clutch: H&M
Sorry I don't have fantastic full length pictures of my outfit! The flower crown was actually a bit of a DIY project. As I hunted for flower crowns in places such as Topshop, I became rather unimpressed at the high prices for such small flowers. So, I decided to buy 4 individual flower clips from H&M and attach them to a piece of elastic to tie around my head. Not only did this work out cheaper, but it meant that I could pick the colours and sizes I wanted! Eat your heart out, Del Ray.
I felt like a mermaid, and received many lovely compliments such as the title "Queen of the Flowers". I like it.
I'm not much of a 'makeup gal', as you may have noticed - nevertheless, I went all out for prom. I figured I might as well buy great quality supplies that will last the whole night.

Gunk that was on my face:

(all from Boots)
After having my skin tone electronically matched with a foundation colour, I was recommended this Maybelline Fit Me! set. Unlike other foundations, this shade gave me an even complexion without 'dulling' my skin. Not only is it super affordable at £7.99 (liquid only), but it's fantastic if you need something long-lasting and shine reducing. I'm so glad I found this - it shall be my go-to foundation for every occasion!  



This Lip Lacquer is amazing! I chose this colour to match my shoes and add a bit of a colour boost. The colour remains on your lips for about 4 hours with absolutely no smudging. You can vigorously wipe your lips with your finger and it wont come off (not that you'd be doing that...). It's great if you're a bit messy like me and too lazy to re-apply often. 

So, that was my prom. It was perfect.



  1. love the styling of this jumpsuit - very different & nice touch with the flowers !

    I'm a newbie to blogging so would love if you'd check out my page & maybe follow me on google+.
    thanks xx

  2. You look stunning! - I'm loving the blue hair too, you really suit it ^v^ xx


  3. you look so gorgeous girl, blue hair is awesome on you and that suit is cute!

    1. Thank you so much:) The blue was a little unexpected aha x

  4. At the risk of sounding like some creepy stalker, I just have to say: You are really pretty. ^_^ <3 Also, omfg that floral blazer!!!!! So rad! Love your floral crown, too. You looked great! I'm so glad you had fun. I remember those events being horrendous for me. Haha. No. Not good at all. :F <3

    - Anna


    1. Awh thank you! (hehe you don't sound like a creepy stalker, it's cool!) Thank you:)Yes, it was lovely:) Ah, that's a shame - whyy? xx

  5. I am not happy with you!! :-(
    Such an amazing outfit and the picture is blurred! !!! But all is forgiven as you did look amazing! LOVE YOUR MAKE UP CHOICE AND JUMPSUIT BUT YOUR HAIR MOST OF ALL!! Are you keeping it like that cause you should! That blazer is gorg and where did you get the stand thats wearing it?

    For my porm I had to do se super DIYing that event was what made me name my blog nopricetag, I only spent less than 10 pounds dress, shoes and make up. I have to say I didn't look half bad.

    Overall hope you had a great night! You looked amazing and as usual I love your blog so much.

    1. Ah, I'm sorry - I'll try and upload more:) Thank you so much! Yes, probably for the whole summer! The mannequin was a present, so I'm sorry, I don't know where it's from:( Oh wow - that's impressive! Thank you - these comments really mean a lot to me! xx