Monday, 19 May 2014

Hello lovelies!

I have a rather exciting post today. Fashion bloggers love nothing more than jumping on trends before they hit the highstreet. Being the first to rock a trend is rather important to the everyday fashionista. That's why I'm extremely excited to reveal to you some exclusive looks from BOOHOO's summer campaign! Excited?

BOOHOO.COM is a hugely popular online clothing store, and if you're not already familiar with it, I'd definitely recommend you give them a visit. They have an extensive range of beautiful items for fantastic prices, and their summer campaign is just wonderful.

I absolutely adore this campaign - particularly the use of texture. From pleather to silk to sequins, mixing up materials makes any outfit more interesting. I also love the use of tribal prints, particularly in the monochrome maxi! There seems to be a theme of black and white running through this campaign, with the monochrome polka skirt and nails as well as the gorgeous arm candy. This contrasted with lime greens, dusty pinks and cyan blues seems like the perfect summer combination!

My favourite look from this collection is easily picture one. The layering of the fringed kimono with the gorgeous bomber is so lovely, and of course I'm looking forward to a summer of maxi skirts and crop tops!
Which look is your favourite?

Have a wonderful Day


  1. great post - i will def be checking them out - love the prints!

    come check me out!
    mon | http://www.monsemble.ca

  2. I agree! Boohoo are really stepping up their game! x


  3. Great post, love this style :)
    new follower in the blog

  4. Great looks!

  5. the sequin shorts is amazing!

  6. Such lovely prints - perfect for the festival season.. Lovely blog - you have a new follower in me :)

  7. Finally got round to checking out your blog - and glad i did :) Love these first look pics of the boohoo range! My fave is the polka dot skirt!

    I'll give you a follow on twitter (mines @gabbytweets_) :D

    Also I’m doing a giveaway on my blog for the chance to win a floral skort (brand new!) if you’re interested - all you need to do is leave a comment :)

    Gabby @ What She Buys

    1. Ah, thank you! I adore the use of polka dots!
      Thank you very much! x