Thursday, 27 June 2013

House of who?

It is not uncommon for me to be overwhelmed by the mass of inspiring blog posts floating around the blogosphere. I'm constantly bombarded with the names of designers, stylists and celebrities, which makes it difficult to distinguish one 'unique and independent' brand from the next. However, one brand has risen above them all. Not only is it a genuinely unique and independent brand, but it is so well spoken of that I just had to research further. Here are my delightful findings. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:
This exciting brand showcases a mastery of interior design with the excessive use of nature-inspired prints, creating an effect that is nothing short of spectacular. Patterns range from a beautiful ombréd floral print titled 'Dalston Rose' to a somewhat haunting collage of animals, titled 'Hackney Empire'. Their online store boasts a collection of meticulously designed home furnishings at deserving high-end prices. The styling is both charming and cool; could you ask for more?!

As well as a range of spectacular home wear, House of Hackney also sells shift dresses and shirts in the beautiful familiar prints of  their interior collection. Look at their upcoming creepers. Need I say more?
After making a few collages, making a mental wishlist and reading reviews on the brand, I think it appropriate to reveal that I am obsessed. I desperately need to make my way down to Shoreditch (London) to marvel at the store and see for myself the genius of this brand.
Pretty cool, huh?
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  1. I LOVE THEIR PRINTS! So awesome.

  2. Lovely prints!!! I am following your blog and i am following you on bloglovin'.. thank-you for your comment on my blog!


    Brittany, xx

  3. Nice shots! Thank u for coming by and have a fabulous weekend :)

  4. Lovely.
    I follow you.


  5. lovely prints!