Wednesday, 9 September 2015

It's officially 'back to school' season, and I couldn't be more excited.

For me, it's back to University - undoubtedly something to look forward to after months of summertime slumber. My excitement for returning to uni completely overlooks the suffocating workload, painfully slow lectures and excruciating dissertation - all to be completed while hungover.

The real joy is in the anticipation: the grand build up that involves a whole lot of hoarding.
Stationary, books, desk decorations; all are necessary items that consume an unnecessary amount of thought and money. Every year.

Here are a few of my back to uni favourites:

Glass Jar - B&M
Floral Tin - TkMaxx
Books - Urban Outfitters
Perfume - Paul Smith ' Rose'

Each September means a new place to live. This year is my first in a student house, and I wasted no time with decorating! Fairy lights and flora up and we are good to go.

I haven't yet moved all my belongings, but this is my desk d├ęcor currently. A few plants completely tranquillises any space and I am eternally grateful for these white walls (seriously, student housing is a gamble on the interior design front).

Lost In Translation - Ella Sanders
Conversation Sparks - Richard Chapman

Filofax - Paperchase
Floral Case - Tesco
Cupcake Case - WHSmiths

Heading back to university means books and stationary - and a lot of them! These two wonderful books were a gift from my boyfriend and they are the most delightful reads. Lost in Translation is a gorgeous illustrated book of untranslatable words from around the world while Conversation Sparks is the ultimate book of trivia.

It is absolutely irrevocably essential that each new school year comes with a new pencil case. It is absolutely necessary, and the updating of the contents inside this new pencil case is of tantamount importance.

Lace-Up Shoes - New Look (ASOS)

Secondary to the stationary upgrade is the wardrobe upgrade. I thought I'd better start the new year with a solid shoe as part of my everyday fashion uniform. Pointed oxfords and loafers have been taunting me for weeks, so I finally picked up this patent pair. I adore the lacing detail and cannot wait to style them with a simple monochrome look. Watch out, Charlotte Martin.

BarryM Nail Paint - Fuchsia Generation

Along with new shoes is a new addition to the varnish collection. Although it benefits my note-taking and information absorbing skills in no way, Fuchsia Generation is a glorious colour. It's definitely my ultimate autumn berry shade.

So that's what I've been loving recently! Are you excited about returning to school / work? What are your back to school essentials?

Thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Back to school season is my favourite! Really loving the tin and the cases, so pretty :)

    Amani x