Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Product of procrastination

As the world's most impressive procrastinator, it is no surprise that I've wasted yet another day doing everything but my schoolwork. I even set this day aside to plough through revision! I meticulously planned the day with a detailed timetable on how long to spend on each subject. I kid you not. Anyway, this plan went out the window, and I spend a good 3 hours of my day reading blogs, internet shopping and finding cool new sites. That's pretty sad.
On the plus side, all my internet procrastination inspired me to attempt a fashion collage! Here is how it turned out:
You can find all the items here:
I'm pretty pleased with it, although I should have made the shop titles and prices easier to read. Also, the background is a bit busy, but oh well; more is more!
I have declared my love for pastels in previous posts, but I couldn't help but make another pastel outfit! I love the River Island floral dungaree skirt; it's a perfect buy because it's seasonless. It's wonderful for spring, but you could also wear it throughout the year. For example, in winter you could pair it with a shirt and knitted jumper with a snug jacket over the top! I'm clearly way too enthusiastic about this!
Anyway, that will be all for today:)


  1. I realllly love the Topshop Blouse and the H&M Skirt, they're both super pretty! Great collage(:


  2. I am absolutely in love with TopShop, that blouse is gorgeous, they finally got one in LA and I was able to visit and it was absolutely amazing and also expensive and i love it.

    1. ahaa same - although I think some of their clothes are too expensive for what they are worth xx

  3. While I don't usually lean towards pastels, the selections you made are easily integratable. Love your blog!


  4. love it xoxo

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  5. what a lovely outfit! i love overalls too, brings me back to my childhood haha! thanks for your comment on my blog, would love it if we followed eachother? i've just followed you! x


    1. awh:) You're very welcome - and thank you so much:) xx