Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hello, lovely readers! Exclusive presale coming up!

Allow me to introduce you to StandFor, a shoe company whose ethical values are just as endearing as their fashion-forward designs. Every collection released by this brand represents a different moral statement: "Our shoes are much more than footwear. They represent action. People who walk for a reason. Who stand for an idea and believe in the power to make the world a better place."

That sounds like a pretty fantastic idea to me. Fashion houses have long been tackling moral and ethical values, with Chanel's catwalk protest being in most recent memory. Clothing lines have such a wide radius of influence that there is nothing more important than using that power for good. StandFor have absolutely grasped their opportunity to influence the fashion community, and it is my pleasure to support them for the world premier of their Smoke Less SS15 collection.
Breathe // Healthy lungs help maintain a healthy life

Leaf // Tobacco leaves belong in trees, not cigarettes

Kinga, Hungary

The StandFor shoes make a statement with more than just their vibrancy. Each shoe has been meticulously and innovatively designed around the Smoke Less campaign. This collection is also leather and animal-cruelty free, with StandFor using premium microfiber. The company encourages the fashion conscious to stand for what they believe in, make a change and walk their talk.

Diana, Portugal

Breathe // Clean air for clean lungs

Muchagata, Portugal

Fertility // The vibrancy of health leads to the miracle of life

Out // Drop it. Cigarettes are so uncool

I hope you're just as impressed with this collection as I am! I greatly admire companies that tackle controversial issues and spread positivity. The idea that an item of clothing can be a statement of more than just fashion is one that I hope catches like wildfire. These shoes are on an exclusive presale until April 18th! I'm proud to stand for something. I'm proud to stand for StandFor.

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