Saturday, 2 March 2013


I watched Example at the LG Arena in Birmingham on Thursday.The PCD (Post Concert Depression) is definitely kicking in.
Check out his latest album here

 During the day I had school - here's a quick look at what I wore:

I tried to create an A-Line with this cute houndstooth hip-skirt. Both the A-Line silhouette and the Peter Pan collar are very 60's, but I've given the outfit a modern twist with the studded Docs.

After school, my friend and I changed and prepped ourselves for Example! I cannot articulate how excited we were to see this beautiful man. We were squealing like those infamous fangirls, although I like to think we were less annoying.

 OBVIOUSLY we had to kit ourselves out with some Example merch before we went in. I was torn between the bobble hat and the jumper. After a series of oohs and aahs, I opted for the hat - but I think I'm going to  have to visit his website and buy the jumper AS WELL. You can never buy too much merch, right?

The concert itself was incredible. His performance exceeded my high expectations, and the atmosphere was e-l-e-c-t-r-i-c. For me, the song of the night was definitely Close Enemies. So so good...

I shall post photos of the actual performance soon:)

The next day I had to draaag myself out of bed to get ready for school. Consequently, my outfit was put together in about 5 seconds - but of course I remembered to put on my new hat.



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