Monday, 4 March 2013

Designer of the Week!

So I've decided that every Sunday I will post my favourite looks, collections and designers to break the monotony of my outfit posts. I feel like I need an amazing alliterated name for these Sundays: Super Sunday? Showcase Sunday? Sunday Style... yeh, I'm not feeling very creative. I'll figure out a name next week.

Ok, so today is the debut for Super Sunday or whatever I decide to call it! I'm going to start off with a BANG and post my *drumroll please* designer of the week! Yay! *cheers and claps*

This week it is the mighty Henry Holland! I'm currently obsessed with the House of Holland collection , and here are a few of my favourite looks:

Americana Tee Dress
American Tee Dress

Pom People Tee Dress
Pom People Tee Dress and Raise the Roof Glasses

Zig Zag
Zig Zag Tights

Neon Stripe Skirt
Neon Stripe Skirt

Tie Dye Denim Jacket
Tie Die Denim Jacket and Cut-offs

Pre SS12 Denim Short
Pre SS12 Denim Short

AW12 Skater Skirt
AW12 Skater Skirt and Raglan Sleeve Top

I'm absolutely in love with these items; they are so inspiring and fun!
Which collections have caught your eye recently?


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    1. Yeh, I love his use of colour:) I think i'll definitely have to buy a pair soon! oh - definitely checking out this giveaway!