Thursday, 7 February 2013

Those velvet, studded blister-makers

I look painfully grumpy in this photo - I apologise. Most days are 'throw-anything-on-and-see-what-happens' days, but today was particularly bad. I got dressed in approximately 60.5 seconds and ran out of the house to catch the bus that I was destined to miss. These H&M bootleg jeans are absolute life savers! They are nice and baggy for when you're feeling sluggish, and the rolled up look just says "I care about what I look like, but not that much".

After school, there was a themed sixth form social. With only one night to prepare a 'Best of British' outfit, I settled for my brother's England shirt and a simple skaterskirt-heel combo. Of course I had to add frilly socks.
(I seem to be having a malfunction with my pictures. Sorry for the annoying and impractical layout) xx

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