Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Clash

 Hey! I played around with my blog theme a bit, so hopefully it's looking better:)

Now, on to today's outfit:
I was feeling rather adventurous this morning, so decided to do a 'print clash'. This vintage striped silk shirt has the ability to make any outfit more fun, and I paired it with some Matalan trousers. I was gobsmacked when my father came home with them, as Matalan is not only a shop that I rarely enter, but it is a shop that I fail to associate with loud, vibrant pieces. Tailored for older women, these trousers are an uncomfortable fit on me from hip to toe. They are supposed to look like annachoice's chic pair (don't you just love her floral-leopard clash?!), but unfortunately this is not the case. Thus, I hitched the trousers up to make them high-waisted and added a belt, and with a handmedown vest from my dad and a Forever21 fountain blazer, the outfit was complete!

With the studded docks, the look is very grunge, and if I hadn't been going to school, I would have topped off the look with a bowler hat and mini leather rucksack! Maybe next time..

Thanks for popping by! xx


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :) love these patterned trousers! Such a big fan of a printed trew! Keep up the good work xxx

  2. Hey!
    realy nice Blog:)
    nice look!:)

    wanna follow each other?:)


  3. lovely! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

    1. I just followed you:) Thanks for checking out my blog xx