Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Skirt

This must be one of the most worn skirts in my wardrobe. It's from H&M, and I love the flattering cut and bold print! It also has pockets - oh yess.

The shirt is from Internacionale, and the platforms from River Island. I actually bought these platforms before the 'Creeper Renaissance', and at the time, people would stare at me as if to say, "what the £$£$ are on your feet?!". Of course, several months later they all owned a pair of platforms. I don't mean to brag... but I was definitely one of the first few to embrace this trend. Brag brag brag.

I thought id try a classic red lip today; it makes the bold print less startling by creating a second focal point (the lips).

Ohh... Here are some of yesterday's wonderful purchases!


 This ethnic dress from Topshop was just £10! It's backless and with crossed over straps - I cannot wait to wear this! xx

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