Wednesday, 23 January 2013

But Batman isn't French!

 I've been looking for the ultimate camo jacket for a while now. Unfortunately for whoever is shopping with me, I am very particular about what I like. Particular, not picky. I had hopelessly been searching rails in New Look, Topshop and River Island for the most authentic camouflage items. Most of them either had leather swatches or fashion badges clinging to glittery breast pockets and tailored sleeves. Hardly authentic.

 It was Camden that I came across a huge stall of genuine army goods. Gas masks, rucksacks and winter gloves majestically lined the walls of the army hut - and, of course, there were three beautiful rows of genuine French army jackets. Need I say any more? Sorry, Topshop; I've got the real thing.

 I did  spot of shopping in my French gear today. I'll be posting my purchases over the next few days.

As I was leaving the house, it was brought to my attention that the cold weather had left beautiful icicles hanging from the wisteria. The winding shapes were absolutely gorgeous - here's the photo of the day:

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