Thursday, 31 January 2013

The inconvenience of illness

With looming coursework deadlines and stacks of half attempted homework, my body decided that now was the time to contract an illness. Very inconvenient. This means no outfit posts from the last two days - unless you really want to see my Disney Pyjamas..

I do have some supercool thing to show you though! Last Saturday I went to a Shoe Museum in Northampton and came across some really creative designs. There were some amazing clear Docs by Red or Dead and a collection of Creepers from various decades. Of all the shoes, my favourite was a pair called 'Flamingo' by freelance designer, Kobi Levi.

I love the way the symbolic on-legged pose of the Flamingo is incorporated into the stiletto heel to create an elegant look.
What do you guys think of these and how did you spend your weekends?


  1. Uni work is stress and a half =_=
    I have a list of stuff to do during the holiday am putting shoes museum on my list now THANK YOU