Sunday, 5 January 2014

Boxing Day Haul

Hello, lovely readers! Welcome to 2014! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. This Boxing Day, my family and I hit the sales where I picked up a few things. In a pathetic attempt to keep my bank balance healthy, I limited my spending, and actually only bought from a few places. Despite my attempt of a 'limited spree', this post will be rather long. Are you sitting comfortably? Hot chocolate in hand? Then I'll begin.

1. Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straightener
 I have  new look! The long blue locks are gone - but I'm not promising that they wont return! To manage and maintain this shorter style, I purchased this Nicky Clarke straightener. It came with two combs and clips - all of which are super useful! I absolutely adore this straightener, as it makes straightening so quick and easy, and curling is no problem either. Love it!

2. Green Bodycon Dress
This is actually my first bodycon dress and I love it! It's so adaptable; perfect underneath an oversized jumper during the day, or great with heels and a jacket in the evening.
 3. Soap&Glory 'You Do the Bath' Gift Set
'Foam Call' and 'Butter Yourself' with a lovely bath scrunchie - absolute heaven. Need I say more?
4. Black Hat
I must apologise for the cringey poses. So sorry. I love this hat, as it's such an easy go-to accessory for winter.
5. Cobalt Hat
I have a strange attraction to bright colours, so this purchase was somewhat unsurprising. Generally, this shade is tricky to style, but I guess I didn't think that through when I bought it!

6. Leather Bag
I'd been looking for a bigger bag for uni all winter, so jumped at the chance to get this leather shopper in Camden. It is absolutely massive, with multiple compartments and an extra, longer strap, making it very practical. 
7. Christmas Jumper
I adore the vibrancy of this jumper, along with the little reindeer details. I'll be wearing this cosy tent as much as I can in the next few weeks - after all, what good is a Christmas jumper in spring or summer?
8. Riding Pants
H&M is one of my favourite stores, not just for its gorgeous collections or affordable prices, but for the cut and fit of their clothes as well. These riding pants have a lovely quilted design along the thigh, and I really like the gold detailing.
9. High Waist Leather-Look Jeans  
These jeans are great for just throwing on with a jacket and boots. I've actually wanted some jeans like this for years now *gawk* and I finally found the perfect pair!
10. Animal Print Silk Shirt
This is easily one of the most kooky and interesting items in my wardrobe. All the animals have been hand painted with astounding precision. I was won over by the little animals on the collar - how adorable (what I really mean is, I can wear this shirt underneath a jumper without covering up all its glory).
11. Fox Print Silk Shirt
From the same stand in Camden, I bought this delightful shirt. This one actually has some embroidery (the suitcase) which is a really nice detail. Again, it's hand painted with such a quirky design.
12. Collared Dress
This is the last item in my little haul *phew*. I think the print of this dress is gorgeous, and if you are familiar with my style, you'll know that I'm a sucker for anything with a collar. The dress is mid length, so it's rather formal - perfect with a pair of dainty heels!
Well, that will be all - I hope you liked my purchases. Sorry again for the embarrassing poses - I really can't seem to help it! As this is my first post of 2014, I feel obliged to wish all you fellow bloggers luck in the new year:)


  1. I love what you did with your hair! You are so damn cute! Arg! >_< Haha. #7, #11 and #12 are instant favorites. I just thrifted a maxi dress with very similar print to #12 and I can't wait until Spring/Summer to wear it. I have a weakness for that print and I just don't know why. It's so vintage ^_^

    - Anna


    1. Thank you, dear! I love Camden because their stuff is so different! I know - I love it too! xx

  2. you are so pretty, what a beautiful smile