Saturday, 4 May 2013

Haul and Hoard it

Hi! I've done it again. I've accumulated what seems like millions of outfit photos that need to be posted. Grr.
Anyway, this post will just show a couple of items I bought recently and how I styled some of them. Oh, I must apologise for the horrendous quality of these photos; they were taken on my phone in the evening. My camera is acting up, unfortunately.
I've wanted a peplum top for aaages, so I'm so happy I found this one in H&M. The print is very bold and bright, but despite this, the item does retain it's classy and business look. I like.
I also bought some studded pumps. Ok, so they are not exactly 'quality' shoes, and I'm pretty sure the material is already beginning to wear away. I predict they will last me about 2 months before they are completely worn down. I really don't mind: I call them my cheapo shoes and I like them:)
From the wonderful H&M, I also purchased a beautiful pink 'tweed' jacket. I love love love it! The diagonal zip means the item is very versatile; it acts as a Bomber when zipped up, but can also be transformed into a sort of biker jacket when worn open. I also bought a lovely netted dress after being inspired by the amazing Stella Katterman (girl crush alert!)
Now, I must confess that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to journals. I buy new ones before I am even halfway through the old ones. I can't help myself; they are just so lovely! I adore this vintage one!
 Now to show you how I styled the jacket, peplum and shoes:
 I don't know what I'm doing. Bad photos and bad poses pretty much sums me up!
Once again, I apologise for the poor quality! I hope you like these items as much as I do!
Have a nice day


  1. Love those shoes, and the journal is adorable!!


  2. love the peplum!!

  3. Cool haul, love your shoes :) x

  4. Those are great pieces. I love the jacket and dress, I so wanted that dress when I saw it but decided not to but great picks.

    Stay Stylish,
    TL. Xx

    Twynkle Loves