Wednesday, 6 March 2013

we are running on a sea of our desire

 Hello! Today I whipped out my Levi's cords! Spring, I'm ready.


 This jumper was actually made for me and I love it! It's so abstract and warm. I am a massive fan of kooky jumpers, and it's nice to know that this one is one of a kind. I rarely wear jumpers without shirts underneath, but today I thought I'd give my shoulders a teeny bit of exposure (yay shoulders). Plus, I wear shirts too often and who wants to be seen wearing the same old items? Not me.

I paired some two-toned Oxfords with a tan belt and added a flower crown and lip ombre to complete the look. I kinda like being matchy-matchy (loser). I had to ask my father to punch holes in this leather belt; it's rather inconvenient that most shops don's stock belts for petite folk like me. Darn you, genes!

That'll be all for today, reader. Thanks for visiting!