Sunday, 20 January 2013

The art of impracticality

It's snowing outside - not that you could tell from what I'm wearing. I tend to ignore the ice on the ground, and dress according to how I feel rather than the weather. This is such a simple outfit! The dress is a little short, so this isn't something I'd class as casual, but its just something easy when you're in a rush. The lace collar has a really cute pearl fastening, and underneath I'm wearing a black bralet.

The pastel colours on the headband really compliment the cream and mustard of the dress, and when contrasted with a purple lip and black tights, the look becomes suitable for an evening occasion.

The Bishop sleeve is a love of mine. It just makes the dress a bit more interesting and elegant. Besides, who doesn't want floaty sleeves?

It seems that although the weather is gallantly slaying every living thing with snow, it is unable to affect my wardrobe. With flowers in my hair, and a less-than-adequate pair of Creepers for snow-trudging, I am clearly dressed for summer. But fear not! I did wear my staple H&M coat outside!

I'm sorry snow, you haven't been able to force me into wearing practical clothing. Maybe next time.


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