Thursday, 3 January 2013

School slog

 The holidays are officially over. Back to school. There are many things the school dress code will not allow me to wear - but fear not! I shall wear all the 'banned' clothes at the weekends.

I absolutely love H&M's campaign featuring silhouette pieces paired with oversized jumpers. I realise I haven't exactly gone all out with my attempt at this look; the skirt is kind of fitted and the jumper is kind of baggy. Call it subtle. In my defence, both items are in fact from the land of H&M!

I couldn't resist wearing some spotted tights and socks to start the new year. They always make an outfit a bit kooky - especially if you're already wearing prints; there's nothing wrong with a busy outfit. All you need is confidence and a smile and people will compliment you on wearing anything from Burberry to a bin-bag: "hey, love the garbage-chic look!"

Just make sure the bin-bag is clean before you wear it.

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