Thursday, 17 January 2013

50 Shades of Blue - Teletubby style

So, double denim. It's one of those looks that everybody insists is effortlessly cool, but nobody seems to want to try. I suppose there is a danger of looking like an overgrown 90's toddler - that's not enough to scare me off though!

I'm definitely channelling some Alexa-Chung-esque 90's streetstyle here. And just in case the double dose of light denim wasn't a big enough clue that I'm a 90's baby, I threw in the ultimate giveaway - Noo-Noo.


The jumper is a product of my DIY obsession last year. It was super easy to make - just a kid's school jumper from George, transfer paper from WHSmith and Google images! The photo peeled a bit as I was ironing it onto the jumper, and thus a crackly vintage effect was created. This was unintentional, but I tend not to tell people that. Obviously.

Excuse the mess on top of my head.  There are still streaks of pink in my hair from when I attempted to dye the front section. I shall be dying it again (properly) in the next few weeks! I was looking back at Colouredbeautiful's Youtube videos, and fell in love with her hair all over again. I'll definitely be trying violet hair one day!

This headband is from H&M, and I absolutely love the detailed leaf design. I prefer to wear it like a sort of tiara - just because otherwise the design gets swallowed by my afro and you can barely see it! I have been told it looks Julius Caesar inspired...

That's all for now anyway - xx


  1. I love 90's fashion! It will be the staple style of my spring/summer wardrobe!

    1. Same:D I'll be looking for the perfect pair of dungarees! x

  2. I love denim so much! And the headband is also gorgeous! :))