Thursday, 29 August 2013

Let's go to the park!

Hello there!
Hopefully some of you are still enjoying beautiful summer weather and lots of time off, which I'm sure you're utilising well! Despite being notoriously discontented with the weather and our surroundings, us Brits are spoilt for choice when it comes to country parks and wildlife destinations. Sure, the feeling of being somewhere exotic is nice, but why not spend a day or two each week exploring the many local parks? Although I'm a city girl to the core, even I can't resist a family trip to the park!

These two parks could be considered 'regulars' for my family. After spending the day shopping, we usually end up here. This is possibly the flattest embankment I've ever visited, so I never forget to bring my roller skates (seriously)!
Top - Forever 21
Trousers - Uniqlo
Bag - Aldo
Boots - Camden Market
*Wow! I really need to clean these boots!*
In comparison to my usual ensembles, this outfit is particularly simple. There are sequins, studs and patterns but still I'd say it's a subtle outfit. I've become so used to eclectic print-clashing and goofy flamboyance that sequins have become - dare I say it - boring. Gah. Also, I think we can all agree that I look impossibly short in this outfit. Oompa-loompa short. I broke a rule that fashion gurus swear by: I 'cut myself up'. By that, I mean I wore both a long top and short trousers. Consequently, only 2/3 of my leg length is displayed - thus making me appear miniscule. I made it even worse by wearing high boots which cover the ankle, which when you're trying to appear taller, is a no-go! Obviously, I was aware of all this when I chose to put his outfit together, but I suppose I just thought,
"well, I'm only 5'1 anyway".
All talk of my ridiculous height aside, I'd now like to draw our attention to the top of this page, if I may. Scroll up. Up. Up. There you go, see that? New banner! What do you think? Although I liked my old one, it was far too blurry which really bothered me. I tried to recreate it, but with little success. So, I just went all out with a new design! I'm not entirely convinced it goes with my blog buttons or, in fact, the brick wall background, but I suppose I just thought,
"well, nothing matches anyway".
Have a lovely day!


  1. It's amazing what a little hair color can do to transform an outfit. I'm really loving this new color and the aesthetic impact it has on your outfits. Fantastic boots, by the way! :D

    - Anna


    1. I suppose it is! Thank you! I often forget about it and wonder why people stare - "oh yeah, my hair!" aha Thanks:) xx

  2. lol you don't look oompa loompa short, I really like those boots and top by the way, gosh that park looks dreamy
    Deejay Speaks

    1. aha I feel it! Thank you very much! It's lovely in the evening xx

  3. loved the pictures. got a new follower here.


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