Thursday, 28 March 2013

Harpoons and monsoons won't keep me at bay

I have quite a few outfits that I haven't posted yet, so I'll be putting them up in the next few days. Here is an outfit from last week:

Choice Mountain

Trying to leave my ocean home,
I'm trying to leave my ocean,
Though I don't now nothing of the swamp.
And I could be a limbless star,
Pushing at the sac
All ready to delight in lucid shoal.

And you don't look impressed,
I could be the dolphin of your dreams!
Willing wings to my chest,
One day I'll grow up and show you

Harpoons and monsoons won't keep me at bay,
There's so much yet to happen.
My wings, now my fins, now a film at my lips,
And why you never call back.

I'm older, I'm colder, I'm not coming good,
A cherub in the ashtray.

            Choice Mountain - Everything Everything

This is one of my few hi-lo items. It's from House of Fraser, and I love its girly colours and floaty style. However, I do think the length at the back is a little awkard; I'm short, so the back is longer than it should be. Nevermind. I slipped on a little cardigan and then my denim jacket and I was good to go! I hope you like the look!



  1. Very cute outfit! I also love hi-low or mullet styles! Keep it up hun, And i just want to invite you to check out mine and if you like we can folow each other. Kisses!

    1. Thank you! I followed your lovely blog:) x

  2. following back hun! Than u and keep on posting!

  3. I love this, you look so gorgeous xo

  4. Nice pics and I like that denim jacket. Have a great day.


  5. Love that jacket xx


  6. your denim jacket is perfect!