Sunday, 27 January 2013

Loungewear is a rarity

 I did go out today, but as soon as I came home I jumped straight into this! I'm quickly developing an obsession for these pyjama bottoms!

I mentioned my intention of dying my hair before. Today, I'm off to try out a semi-permanent red! I really hope it's visible, as I desperately want to avoid using any bleach products. My poor little afro will wither and die if it comes into contact with bleach...

Finally, as many of you will know, HMV is closing down, so of course I had to take advantage of this opportunity. SALES! I didn't go crazy with the spending because frankly, the store I  went into was horrifically unorganised and I couldn't actually find half of the CDs I was looking for. However, I did manage to find Arc by Everything Everything! I've been a huge fan since 2010, so to see their second album in he charts was amazing! I am a happy bunny!

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