Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Baby in Navy

 I thought it suitable to wear my brand-spanking-new River Island skirt today; seeing as it's the 1st of Jan. There's a bit of colour blocking going on here, which I love. And a bit of bad posing, which I don't. After wrestling an army of hangers, rails and garments, I victoriously raised this orange waterfall blazer with a gallant cry. I had seen this waterfall-skaterskirt mashup before (probably on a Tumblr girl) and was inspired to try it myself. Oh! I almost forgot! Satchels have been SUPERHUGE this season (and last), and thus I am obliged to reveal that Camden Market have many. Many. For under £30. Go wild.  

The picture below is a lovely close up of the skater skirt - so new, the tag is still on. That's awkward As for the Creepers, they were the obvious navy choice to pair with this skirt - mainly because they are the only navy shoes I own and I couldn't bear to wear black shoes. My mother is forever lecturing my father about the prison of shame that you get sent to if you ever dare wear navy and black. Shake in your boots, kids.